Cosplay Karaoke - Kick off to 3 Rivers Comicon Weekend!
Hard Rock Cafe Pittsburgh, New Dimension Comics, and 3 Rivers Comicon present an event for the ages!

Date: Thursday May 17, 2018
Times: 8pm

Sign up as your favorite Cosplay and we will choose 3 songs that will be ironic for your cosplay to sing.
You will be able to choose the song from the 3 assigned for a minimum $5 donation.
You will be able to choose a song you feel is appropriate for the character (must still be approved by us so we don't get double songs) for a $20 donation.
You can sing whatever song you want (again must be approved so we don't get doubles) for a $40 donation.
All donations go to the Hero's Initiative.

Please list your three cosplay options in order of preference. We will not be allowing more than one of any individual cosplay for the event.

We are limited to 15 spaces for this event. All other submissions will be put on a waiting list.

Winners will be announced at the event by our panel of judges!

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