GPSA Consent and Scheduling Form - NTCER Review Working Groups
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You have been asked to take part in a GPSA Working Group as part of the collaborative GPSA/GPRA review of the NTCER. 
These are the terms of the Working Group process ("workshops"):
1. Your agreement to continue with this workshop component of the NTCER review process has been obtained without coercion.
2. You acknowledge that your participation in the GPSA workshops is 100% voluntary.
3. Workshops will be recorded via Zoom for transcription purposes only, with all video and audio recordings deleted from GPSA servers upon completion of the transcripts.
4. Aggregated results will be used for the revision of the NTCER for future GP registrar and training practice use.
5. Opinions you express in the GPSA workshops will be kept in confidence and not shared outside GPSA's research team until fully de-identified. 

Please ensure you have read and understood the above terms before proceeding. 
By typing your name, you are endorsing this is a true reflection of your consent.
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All members of a Working Group are bound by this Confidentiality Undertaking:

"I shall, neither during nor after my interactions as part of a GPSA Working Group, except in the proper course of my duties as a GPSA representative, authorised Working Group Member or as required by law, divulge to any person outside this Working Group any confidential information."

The confidential information covered by this Confidentiality Undertaking includes but is not limited to the following information.
Please tick "Yes" to indicate your understanding and consent regarding each of the below options.
The personal, health or financial information of any GP registrar discussed as part of GPSA's review of the NTCER
The business or financial arrangements or position of any practice or related company discussed as part of GPSA's review of the NTCER
Any of the dealings, transactions or affairs of any of the participants sharing same as part of GPSA's review of the NTCER.
What best describes your role? *
If neither of these options apply to you, we thank you for your time but ask you not to proceed with booking an interview for this project.
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