CTY Bermuda 2017/18 After School Program Registration
Executive Director: Riquette Bonne-Smith
Deputy Directors: Tossha DeGraff & Keisha L. Douglas
1 CedarBridge Lane
Devonshire DV 02
Telephone: 441.296.7259
Fax: 441.296.7381
E-mail: info@ctybermuda.bm
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(Beginning September 2017)
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All classes are from 4:30pm to 6:00pm.
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All classes are from 4:30pm to 6:00pm.
Tuition and Fees
Registration Fee: $40.00
Tuition per Semester: $600.00 (per course)
Lab Fees (only applicable to Science and Art Students): $75.00

• Full tuition for both semesters for 1 course:

Year Tuition $1200 + $40 reg. fee = $1240.00

• A 5% discount is offered to students opting to pay for both semesters at registration.

Year Tuition $1140 + $40 reg. fee = $ 1180.00

• A 10% discount is offered to students taking two subjects per semester.

Year Tuition $2160 + $40 reg. fee = $2200
($600 + $40 reg. fee must be paid at registration.)

• A 10% discount is offered to siblings.

Year Tuition $2400 + $80 reg. fee = $2232.00
($1200 + $80 reg. fee must be paid at registration.)

Payment Information

Option 1 This is the preferred method of payment.
Payment may be made by direct deposit to:

Account Number: 010-725372-001
Account Name: CTY Bermuda/ITS
(Please add student name as reference)

Option 2 Checks are to be made payable to CTY Bermuda.
Please record student’s name on the bottom of the check.


***Semester I payment MUST be made at the beginning of Semester I.***CTY classes will commence the week of September 18th, 2017.

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Student/Parent Agreement
We agree that upon entering the program, the student will follow all
rules and guidelines for student conduct, including the CTY Honor Code.
We agree that CTY must reserve the right to ask the student to leave
the program for disciplinary or other reasons. If asked to leave, we
understand the student must depart the program immediately. If the
student is asked to leave for disciplinary reasons, we understand that
tuition will not be refunded, and that the student may not be allowed to
attend future CTY classes.


I understand that:

• The enclosed tuition fees will be refunded if the courses to which my
child is assigned are canceled.
• Tuition will be refunded on a pro-rated basis only for serious non-
academic reasons, such as the applicant’s withdrawal for certified
medical conditions.
• The balance of the account is my responsibility, and it must be paid
in full at registration for the first semester, and before the start date
of January 9th, 2016 for the second semester.
• I am responsible for the cost of repairing or replacing any property
that my child damages at the site.
• I am responsible for any medical cost incurred by my child while
enrolled in the program.

I give permission for:

• My child to participate in CTY-sponsored trips off-campus, including
but not limited to field trips. I understand that my child will be
supervised by CTY staff.
• My child to be videotaped, photographed, and interviewed for
broadcast or publication, and/or have a sample of his or her work
broadcast or published. I understand that CTY will exercise
discretion regarding media contact.
• My child to complete all tests and surveys that CTY deems
necessary in evaluating program effectiveness.

CTY Student Honor Code
The Centre for Talented Youth, CTY Bermuda, in affiliation with Johns
Hopkins University Center for Talented Youth, provides a unique
opportunity for intellectually curious students from diverse backgrounds
in Bermuda to come together in pursuit of academic challenge and
CTY Bermuda has very high expectations from each of the students and
will maintain an environment where everyone blossoms and develops
personal integrity, respecting the ideas and property of others.

Students who wish to remain in the program must be prepared to
• Academic excellence
• Do their best work possible
• Attend all classes, activities, and meetings on time
• Behave in a friendly, cooperative, and responsible manner toward all
persons in the program community and in the local community
• Demonstrate leadership skills and a sense of social responsibility

Prohibited Items

The following is a list of items that students are prohibited from bringing
to the campus. If any of these items are in the possession of students,
they must be confiscated for the duration of the program and could
cause students’ dismissal.
• Weapons of any kind
• Any flame producing device
• Collectable trading cards, and Magic cards
• Any products that damage surface finishes
• Television, DVD’s, video games
• Water guns
• Laser pointers
• Beepers and Cellular phones used in class

Dismissal Policy

There are certain actions that will cause dismissal from the program,
which are inclusive of the following:

• Not attending to academic work in a satisfactory manner
• Cheating, plagiarizing or committing other acts of academic
• Leaving classes without parental consent
• Stealing or vandalizing property
• Possessing or using alcohol, drugs, or tobacco
• Undermining the safety or well-being of self or others.
• Bullying , harassing or hazing

I agree that upon entering the event, my child will follow all rules and guidelines set forth by CTY Bermuda, and will therefore adhere to the CTY Student Honor Code. I accept full responsibility for the actions of my child, and hereby agree to the Student/Parent Agreement. *
By typing in your name, you accept and agree to these terms.
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