Stakeholder Survey 2020
Speedway Australia would like to utilise the current downtime to prepare the sport for its eventual return, as we’ll face unprecedented challenges for the foreseeable future. We can gauge the size and shape of the industry from our statistics, but to ensure we continue to develop as an organisation we need to know what stakeholders need from us in terms of services and resources.

Three years ago we undertook our first stakeholder survey to ascertain the state of play for both our organisation and divisional governing bodies. And last year we surveyed to establish the size of the speedway industry in Sydney, as part of the push to ensure a replacement venue would be found. Both of these surveys provided excellent feedback that has been extremely beneficial for the sport, and we want to make further progress again here.

The aim of this survey is threefold:-
• To assess the wants and needs of speedway stakeholders
• To identify areas of improvement and expansion for all speedway organisations
• To chart progress against industry benchmarks

Thanks in advance for your feedback and assistance.
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Section One: Speedway Australia
These questions are related to Speedway Australia, the overall national regulatory body for the sport - responsible for the issuing of licences to competitors, crews, officials and the media. Speedway Australia also hosts the Australian Speedway Awards, the Australian Speedway Hall of Fame, and World Series Sprintcars.

Technical and racing rule enforcement is undertaken by the relevant governing body for each division, and is not covered in this section.
Q1: Speedway Australia represents the needs of the speedway community in Australia
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Q2: Speedway Australia delivers successful outcomes for speedway
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Q3: I am aware of the direction that Speedway Australia is taking speedway in Australia
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Q4: I am aware that Speedway Australia provides licences and track permits, track safety grants and conducts annual National Awards?
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Q5: Speedway Australia is a not-for-profit organisation.
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Q6: Have you downloaded the Speedway Australia Phone App?
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Q7: Speedway Australia aims to "Bring Speedway Together". How successful has it been at achieving that?
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Q8: What could Speedway Australia do to improve its leadership and/or direction?
Section Two: Your Divisional Body
These questions are related to your governing body, who undertake technical and racing rule enforcement, arrange race meetings and look after the long-term development of your particular division. They also charge a membership fee, and issue technical rulebooks/paperwork etc. Complete this section if you are a competitor, crew member, official or have some other kind of involvement with a division
Q9: My governing body represents the needs of the division in Australia
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Q10: My divisional body delivers successful outcomes for speedway
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Q11: I am aware of the direction my governing body is taking the division:
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Q12: My governing body contributes positively to speedway in Australia:
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Q13: In general, car counts are increasing in my division
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Q14: There are too many divisions in Australian speedway
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Q15: If technical parity could be achieved, my division could be merged with another
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Q16: What could your governing body do to improve their leadership and/or direction?
Q17: Who is the governing body you have referred to in this section?
Section Three: Summary
This question relates to any part of the speedway community, including Speedway Australia, governing bodies, speedway tracks etc.
Q18: What is your overall assessment of the performance of speedway in Australia?
Section Four: Survey Respondent Data
These questions relate to your involvement in the sport and divisional body you answered questions about in Section Two. This is not an anonymous survey as we require your details for prizes etc, but your survey responses will not be linked to your name. If you have any concerns about this, do not complete and/or submit the survey.
Q19: Your Age
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Q20: Your Gender
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Q21: Home state
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Q22: Your name
Q23: Your current involvement in speedway
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Q24: Your home track
Q25: Your favourite/primary speedway division?
Q26: During the racing season, approximately how many hours per week would you spend on speedway activities?
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Q27: Which of the following kinds of expenditure apply directly to you (tick as many as needed)
Q28: Do you have any comments to add with regard to your time and financial investment in the sport?
Q29: Supplier-only question: What is the nature of your business e.g. mechanic, café, spare parts?
Q30: Supplier-only question: Approximately what proportion of your business comes from the speedway industry?
Q31: Before the current COVID-19 crisis occurred, how many staff did you employ?
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