Call for Participants: IEEE Global Blockchain Summit | Special Healthcare Edition
The purpose of this form is to identify Blockchain subject-matter experts for collaboration purposes.
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Healthcare and ubiquitous, secure network infrastructure
Verifiable identity and authentication of all participants
Consistent representation of authorization to access electronic health information
Drug Supply Chain Integrity and Provenance
Cybersecurity and Healthcare IoT
Pharma Clinical Trials Population Health Research
Drug Trace-ability provided by provenance
Improvement and authentication of health records and protocols on record sharing.
Defect drugs detection: Identifying Drugs that by error do not contain the intended active ingredients or dangerous ingredients.
Rules based Permission Based Smart contracts for patient data access
Clinical trials data Integrity: Tracking and eradicating altered or modified data.
Precision medicine: Collaboration of patients, researchers and providers to develop individualized care.
Genomics research via access to genetic data secured on blockchain
Electronic health records (EHRs)
Nationwide/International interoperability
Drug Recall management: Tracking problem drugs through supply chain.
Prescription drug abuse: tracking the abuser by connecting healthcare records across hospitals, walk-in clinics, doctors and pharmacies.
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