Sinners And Saints ~ February 2020 Event
Sinners And Saints Valentine Event brought to you by Evil Bunny Productions.
Feb. 8-29th 2020.
Applications close Jan. 1st
Payment is due upon acceptance to event. Payments must be in by Jan. 1st, 2020.


We have re-branded the Truth or Dare Affair! Our month of love and lust event starts Feb. 8th and runs through the end of the month. Designers will bring you their sexiest, sultry and sweet designs, to help improve your love life!


Available store sizes

Sponsor 100 prims/ 2 gacha machines INCLUDED / name on posters and all social media

Regular 50 prims

Cart 15 prims

*EXTRA PRIMS cost $25L each*

Gacha machines $199L first come basis. Please be considerate and spread machines out around the event.

Sponsors will have 2 machines in front of their stores and are the only ones that will have guaranteed machines. Sponsors can buy additional machines in the general gacha areas.



1 exclusive item for the event. This means new, not in your store, not used for another event and only at this event the time the event is running. This is to help draw customers to the event to purchase it. The theme is sinners and saints- sweet or naughty. You MUST either put up the sinner or saint tag for your exclusive or include the image in your item ad.

1 10L special. Does not have to be new. Photo is required with display/packaging. Do not put the same 10L item out at every event. Customers want to see something new.

In-world and marketplace stores accepted. If you are a marketplace only store, you must put the texture for the event in your picks. We will check. In-world stores will be required to rez the poster at their store locations.

No kid’s stores allowed. This is a mature event, but please keep your designs at a mature/moderate rating so we can include all shoppers. No explicit sex images( follow LL rules) but adult items are welcome!

Must be in the Evil Bunny Productions group for the duration of the event. Maximum of 2 people per store are allowed in the group. Tag is required for space entry and building.

This is not a discounted event-you can price things however you like, just be sure to follow all TOS of creators.

Do not violate the TOS of LL. Do not use any real world logos, copyrighted item, importing from other sites against their rules, or break TOS of creators in-world. Any items causing this issue will be returned to you and possible removable with no refund from event.

*****If you are going to be late with set-up, you need to contact Allie Munro via NC so we have on file who is doing what and can keep the event organized. If you are not set-up by the deadline on FRIDAY FEBRUARY 7th BY 6PM SLT and have not contacted me VIA NOTECARD (do not IM me) then i will replace you with no refund. If you are running late, please put up a coming soon image and let us know. We are very understanding that RL happens. We do not like empty spaces at events, so please be ready on time or with your coming soon sign in place.

Stick to your prim limit but please use them! Don't just stick designs up in your space, decorate! You can add walls and floors and lighting etc. Prims not included in your prim count: 10L special box, exclusive tag/s, and gacha machines.

If you do not provide us with a full perm logo when you pay the event fee, we have no way of setting up your space.

Only scripts allowed are a landmark giver and vendors. NO gacha machines are to be used inside your shop. You may only use the gacha machines provided by the event. If you want to do an exclusive gacha, put a display up in your store with a TP or LM to the machine. No group inviters/greeters. No float text that interferes with your neighbor's space set-up.

All payments are non-refundable. We use payments to pay tier and pay for advertising in SL. ** no shows do not get refunds.

All items must be kept inside your space. Carts are to keep items on and directly in front/on side of cart-do not string items out or take up additional space. If you have a question about your set-up, contact Allie Munro for approval.

Once you make payment for your space, be sure to send your full perm logo AND A RECEIPT VIA NOTECARD that shows us your payment for the event.

Advertising- We will cover it with an ad on,, Media SL, and others, as well as group spam, bloggers and advertisement around SL, destination guide etc. There is a subscriber set up on the poster for customers to join the evil bunny productions subscriber group to get event info. We do apply for coverage on Seraphim SL and Destination Guide, however it's never guaranteed.

Event designer/manager-Allie Munro
Event Asst-Serenity Quar



Apps close/last day to pay Jan 1st/ or when event is full

Sim build Jan 26-31

Sim open to designers for set-up Feb. 1st-Feb. 7th.

DEADLINE FOR SET UP Feb. 7th 6pm SLT (Friday)

EVENT OPENS Feb. 6th at 12 noon SLT (Saturday)

EVENT ENDS Feb. 29th at midnight SLT-it's leap year!

Pick up your stores March 1st

Returns start March 2nd

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PLEASE give us your in-world location if you have one. We only want to see marketplace if you have no in-world store.
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Are you designing your exclusive as a SINNER or a SAINT? *
Besides you, is there a 2nd person to invite to the EBP group? (2 max including you) *
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Have you read the info/rules above and understand the timeline and deadlines-as well as if you are not set up to go on time you will be removed without refund? Requirements for the event are 1 exclusive and a 10L special. Payment is due upon acceptance and no later than Jan. 1st. *
Please provide either a 2nd contact/manager/assistant in SL or a RL email address in case we need to get ahold of you. *
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