The Diaspora & Local Innovation Collective (Haiti) An Initiative of Startup Haiti Powered By the Global Startup Ecosystem
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In an effort to accelerate innovation in emerging markets like Haiti, powered by the Global Startup Ecosystem (GSE) is connecting locals and diaspora networks with the pilot launch of the Diaspora & Local Innovation Collective. For this launch we will select 100 international partners support innovation in Haiti in 3 ways:

Digital Collaboration (Online)
Digital Accelerator: We host digital accelerator programs for different industry sectors in Haiti on a quarterly basis. We will need speakers, workshop facilitators and partners etc.
Digital Mastermind Groups: We lead brainstorming sessions with industry leaders across the country to ignite partnerships and initiatives. We will need a MC with moderator experience to run a program each month.

International Collaboration (Offline)
Haitian Diaspora Groups: If you are apart of or lead an organization that connects Haitian professionals/entrepreneurs- please let us know if you would like to take a group delegation to do projects in Haiti
Haitian annual Conference Organizers: If you are apart of any major event that connects Haitian professionals/entrepreneurs, please let us know if you would like to do a similar event in Haiti.

Local Collaboration (Offline)
EIR - Entrepreneurs in Residence Program: If any member of the diaspora is interested in supporting the entrepreneurial ecosystem of Haiti- you can connect with our partner allies for 1month- 12months
IIR- Innovators in Residence Program: IF any member of the diaspora is interested in supporting key industries in both the public and private sector- you can connect with our partner allies for 1 month- 12 months

Press & Media: If you are a member of the press or media, please email us directly at We aim to provide top stories from this initiative to inspire more collaboration efforts over the next few years.

Please note, that submissions are reviewed on an ongoing basis. At this time we will select the first 100 DIC(Haiti) Ambassadors and follow up with more details.
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