Cultural Direction Setting - Camp Citizenship Beyond the Trash Fence Interest Form
Yay, you've already been engaging around Burning Man's Cultural Direction Setting project and you're intrigued. This form is due on Sunday August 18 at 12pm Pacific Time. This next phase is a lot to say the least, so we’re breaking it down into smaller stakeholder groups that will focus on a particular topic and do the nitty-gritty work of turning the vision into processes, policies, guidelines, and educational materials where needed. Each group is being thoughtfully crafted to have different perspectives, opinions, and polarities. Many of these groups will do more learning and community engagement (surveying, interviewing, etc.) to guide their specific recommendations, whereas some groups’ topics are already very well covered in last fall’s 4,800+ survey responses. We have some open spots where we don’t know who would be a good fit – that’s where you or someone you know comes in.

The Camp Citizenship Beyond the Trash Fence group is focusing on dialing in and expanding upon what was written in the Cultural Vision for Residential BRC on this topic. What should the ecosystem amongst BRC theme camps, particularly BRC theme camps bringing Burning Man values into the world, placement, and the Burning Man organization become? The Cultural Vision included some high level limits, but where really are the limits of how far this goes and how can BRC support bringing in learnings from beyond the trash fence? This group will also include camp leaders who are "beyond the trash fence," and representation from several relevant Burning Man departments and associated groups. This group will have a facilitator guiding the process. All of the groups have objectives – important questions that need to be answered by this group in the form of recommendations for actions to Burning Man Project’s leadership who will be looped in throughout the group’s work.

We are looking for 2 roles in this group to be filled: 2 Theme Camp leaders to balance out this group who do not think camps should be expected to do anything beyond what they bring to BRC. We're looking for people who share opinions similar-ish to these folks who wrote in their surveys, “Some camps are made up of a smaller group of people from scattered locations and if they can only make the one event work because of other life commitments they shouldn’t lose out,” ...or “Maybe I work with orphans, those guys over there are doctors in their day jobs, that camp over there is really nice to the people in their town—that's great, we're all wonderful people, but there's no special prize for being a decent human! It's not relevant to their role in BRC,” ...or “I think this is likely to have the unintended consequence of further privileging camps who have the money and time to do Burning Man-style work in their ‘real lives.’”
It is not necessary that you're going to BRC in 2019. You hold that perspective quite strongly but you are also someone who can listen to and hold multiple perspectives, are aware of your biases, collaborates well within a group, are comfortable meeting and working remotely online, and are committed to figuring out the path forward.

This group will start in late October and continue through February. The group members will pre-schedule regularly set zoom video calls based on their schedules. The default will be a 1.5 hour call every 2 weeks. There will be work and/or community engagement between group calls. We expect it will be ~2 to 5 hours per week total for the months listed above. The group will break for the last two weeks of December/New Years.

This interest form is due on *Sunday August 18 at 12pm Pacific Time.* Responses will be reviewed and four people who seem like a good fit will receive an email arranging for a 30 min interview by phone or on playa on Monday August 19 or Tuesday August 20. A preemptive note – final decisions will be based on the overall mix of stakeholders (i.e. ensuring this group has diversity of experiences, backgrounds, expertise, etc). Thank you!
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The Cultural Vision said: “These culturally aligned efforts [of bringing Burning Man values into the world] are separate from any resources provided in Black Rock City...Burners choose to be good citizens out beyond the fence as a matter of integrity. However, these efforts should not be assumed to have an overt influence on receiving placement in Black Rock City.” (
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