EuroMicropH-Survey on Industrial Applications
Dear colleagues,

To enhance the cooperation between academia and industry we would like better understand your view. Your opinions will be collected at the end of survey and worked up into a discussion summary available for you as well as your colleagues from universities or research institutions.
1- What is the size of your company? *
1- What is the size of your company? *
2- How does your company receive information on technical innovations in your field? *
by following technical literature and through consultancies
3- Are there specific professional and scientific journals that you often read? If so, which ones are they? *
Adsız Başlık
4- Is your company a member of any professional organization(s) at European or national level (for example: European Federation of Biotechnology, Federation of European Microbiology Societies, your national Microbiology Society, etc.). If so, which one(s)? How useful do you find membership to be? What would make membership more valuable to you? *
5- How often do employees of your company attend external training/workshops/conferences? How valuable do you find these? What would improve their value to you? *
6- Would you seek the assistance of a university/research institute for aid in solving specific issues in areas such as technology/quality/safety, etc.? If not, why not? *
7- Would you work together with a university/research institute on general ideas for technical innovation? What would make such a link more, or less, likely? *
8- In addition to any points made in answer to 4 and 5, could you describe the barriers that restrict in cooperation between you and academic partners (such as funding, people, confidentiality, necessary time etc.)? *
9- Has your company been involved in any externally funded projects?If yes, under what programme? (e.g. as a partner in an ETN, as a partner in a national innovation scheme). How useful has this been to you? *
10- Would you appreciate help from academy during the development of new methods? How it could be realised? What are limitations in that process? *
11- How much are you open to collaborate with academia during 1) Technology development; 2) Problem solution and 3) Process integration *
12- How much are you open to collaborate with academia during technology development? *
13- How much are you open to collaborate with academia during problem solutions? *
14- How much are you open to collaborate with academia during process integration? *
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