CSTA/Google National CS Principles Education Summit
This form captures more detailed information from those who would like to attend the CSTA/Google National Computer Science Principles Education Summit. The Summit will be held Wednesday July 16, 2014 in St. Charles, IL (Pheasant Run Resort).

This summit will focus on the Computer Science Principles course with the goal of broadening understanding and creating capacity for its wide-scale adoption and on-going support. It will explore the pathways to CS Principles for the entire community (middle school and high school) and provide teachers and administrators with a context and strategies for implementing CS Principles in their high schools.

The intended audience for the Summit is:
- existing Computer Science AP/IB teachers
- Computer Science teachers who do not teach AP, but offer other rigorous courses with a computational theme
- STEM teachers who have not taught a CS course, but have interest in the new opportunities with CS Principles
- administrators at all levels (Principals, District Superintendents)

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