Simon Says
Dear Parent / Guardian,

We know that Simon Says make a difference. Many parents and children tell us how we helped them in their time of need.

The purpose of this short survey is to gather your views so we can use what you tell us to improve Simon Says and be able to give evidence to potential funders who might support our charity. With your help we will be able to prove our success! Even if you haven't been in touch recently, your comments will be much appreciated.

If you would be willing to share your story as a case study for us (can be anonymous) please contact Georgie or Emma either via email: or call us: 01794 323934.

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How did you first hear about Simon Says?
Did you contact any other organisations to help your child with the death of their special person? If so, who?
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How do Simon Says services compare?
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What are the most important things that you as a family get from joining Simon Says?
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How would you rate your health and emotional wellbeing before coming to Simon Says
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How would you rate it now?
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How well was your child dealing with the death of their special person?
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How would you rate it now?
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How have the workshops and activities provided by Simon Says helped your child cope with the death of their special person?
It hasn't made much difference
It is really helping them come to terms with their loss
How would you describe the skills and attitude of Simon Says volunteers?
What do you particularly like about the services provided by Simon Says?
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What could have Simon Says done to make the experience even better?
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