Kanazawa Farm - Group Workcamp Japan
25th of May to 2nd of June 2016

Open for volunteers from Hong Kong, Japan and Korea
Number of volunteers: 15 maximum
Age limit: above the age of 16
Program fee:6500HKD including air ticket & travel insurance
Extra visit: Tokyo city tour - two days one night tour
Apply before: 30th March 2016

SCI Japan started this project in 2003. The owner of the farm is Ms. Yoko Kanazawa. In the project, volunteers work with her for organic farming. She moved from Tokyo to Tochigi to do organic farming around 15 years ago. There are 100 ducks which eat weeds in the rice fields and 400 chickens which lay around 200 eggs a day. There are many kinds of vegetables grown in the farm.

WORK: Weed (no chemical fertilizer, so many weeds grow), plant and harvest vegetables, take care of chickens and do other farming work to help Ms.Kanazawa. Do the housework in turn preparing meals, cleaning, etc.

STUDY PART: Discuss sustainable lifestyle, food issue, and environment.

ACCOMMODATION: Old style Japanese farm house.
Sleep on Tatami floor using futon. Bring a bed sheet or a sleeping bag.
Eat mainly vegetarian food. Only the shampoo & soap equipped at the farm are acceptable (the water from the bath room goes to the ground and damage soil if chemical ingredients are contained).

FOOD: Take turns to prepare meals. Bring your favorite recipes.

LEISURE TIME: Hot spring, visit to local temples, etc. Nikko, with magnificent shrines is not so far from the place. A perfect site for nature lovers.

WHAT TO BRING: Bed sheet/sleeping bag, work clothes (long-sleeved, old ones unnecessary to care about getting dirty), shoes (rubber boots are desirable), a hat, towels, toothbrush etc.

The SCI insurance scheme provides basic cover for illness and accidents (injure) for the duration of the camp. However, you are expected to take your own personal belongings and accident insurance.

150km north of Tokyo city.

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