20-21 Student Acceptable Use Policy
This Acceptable Use Policy (AUP) outlines the guidelines and behaviors that users are expected to follow when using school technologies or when using personally-owned devices on the school campus.
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- Devices belong to the school and are loaned to you for your use only.


- Devices must either be with you, in a locker, or in your desk at AW.

- Devices are under a basic warranty. Tell a tech person if you have a problem immediately.
- Devices must be in their provided case at all times, even at home.

- Charge at home every night .

- Do not put the laptop or case into your bookbag. Your iPad in it's case may go in your bookbag.

- Do not put books or heavy items into device case.

- Lay devices down, do not toss.

- Walk with devices closed and carry with two hands.

- No food or drink are allowed near the device.
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- Access to certain online sites and downloads are restricted by law or because they conflict with our software.

- If a site is blocked, and you need access to it, see a tech person.

- In addition to websites, other functions of the devices are blocked. Do not try and get around security measures.

- Downloading or installing apps are not allowed without permission.

- Browser history may not be deleted.
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- Accounts can only be created with permission and must use Avoca username and password.

- Students may not change user names, accounts or assigned passwords.

- You can access Google Drive on any device with internet. Go to google.com and sign in with your school account.

- Only specifically permissible social media is acceptable on the school devices.

- Email for students is typically from student accounts (@gavoca37.org) to teacher accounts (@avoca37.org), although there may be school-related exceptions.
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Personal Devices
- Students should keep personal devices turned off and put away during school hours - except in the event of an emergency or as instructed by school staff.
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Security & Monitoring
- Do not open unknown emails, links or download files from unknown senders.

- Never share your password.

- All online activity is monitored.

- You can be monitored at anytime, even at home.
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- Students are expected to follow the same guidelines for behavior and communication online as they do offline.

- Cyberbullying will not be tolerated.

- Examples include harassment, impersonation, misrepresenting, posting comments or pictures of others without permission, or intimidating others.

- Students may not post, forward, download, or share defamatory, obscene, threatening, harassing, and/or illegal materials, images, videos, or text.

- Engaging in these behaviors will result in disciplinary action and in some cases the involvement of law enforcement.
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Personal Safety
- Never give out personal information over email, social media or any other online outlet.

- Never post or share personal information such as last name, birthdate, phone number, address, social security number.

- Do not use identifying information in your username.

- Never agree to meet someone you met online in person.

- Once something is online, it is always out there. Be careful when posting information.
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- Plagiarism is copying someone else’s work without giving them credit.

- Students may not use other people's work and try to pass it off as their own.

- Students may not copy, download, or share any copyrighted material including music or video.

- When using text, pictures, music, ideas or websites in their work, students cite their source.
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- You can customize backgrounds, brightness, trackpads, screensavers, and web themes.

- All images on the device must be without weapons, drugs, adult or inappropriate activities.
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Personal Data
- Save to Google Drive. If there is a computer problem, there is no guarantee that anything on your device will be saved.
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Mobile Devices
- Do not sign into devices with your personal Apple ID.

- Do not sign into apps without permission.

- Do not download apps to the iPad without permission.

- If signing into an account such as Google Drive during class, logout when finished.
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- Damages that impact the use of the device must be repaired.

- Cost for repairs not covered by warranty must be paid in full.

- Examples of damages include, but are not limited to: damaged screens, bent corners, frayed power cords.
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- Any misuse of school technology, including downloading, visiting restricted sites, mistreating devices, leaving laptops unattended, cyberbullying, or other inappropriate behavior, could result in:

- Loss of device privileges
- Parent involvement
- Replacement costs for damages
- Detention or suspension from school
- Legal action

- Your device can be collected at any time.
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