Artist Boardwalk 2018

Hello Artist.

We would like to welcome you to participate in the 2018 Artist Boardwalk which will take place again during this year’s street fest on Sat, August 11th. We will have entertainment and events up and down the 4600 block of Lakelse Ave. in Terrace BC.

You can purchase your boards at Skeena Diversity.
Painting will start at 1 pm on August 11. You will have till 8pm to finish your painting(s). Audience will be encouraged to bid on the art pieces and watch you paint live up until 8 pm.
The last call for bids will be at 8:30pm that evening. Any unsold pieces will then be placed on an online auction in which people can bid online for one week after the event.

As you may know, it is the first year of the Salmon Arts Festival. We would like to encourage you to incorporate the theme of salmon and/or its habitat in your art piece.

• Boards cost $10.00
• This also covers your participation fee
• Artists must bring their own supplies
• We will take care of the Advertisement
• We will take care of collecting the money.
• Artists keep 90% of sales
• 10% will go towards next year’s event
• Artists can choose to bring there own material to paint on

Matthew Daratha
Skeena Diversity :250-635-6530

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one 1 ft X 2 ft board = $5.00 one 2 ft X 2 ft board = $10.00. Let us know how many of each size you would like to order.
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