Hale-Ray Athletics - Student Survey
Please read the philosophy of Hale-Ray Philosophy of Athletics

The goal of the athletic department is to conduct a comprehensive program which is consistent with the philosophy of the East Haddam School System. As a part of the total education process, our athletic program makes a significant contribution to the personal growth and development of the participants. We strive to increase the student’s knowledge as well as to contribute to their maturity, teach ethical and moral values, and motivate them in the pursuit of excellence so we can produce individuals who realize their self-worth and reach their full potential.

As a Hale-Ray athlete I am learning to develop good citizenship and respect for rules and authority; *
As a Hale-Ray athlete I am learning to exemplify and observe good sportsmanship; *
As an athlete I am learning fundamental skills of the various sports as an ingredient in achieving individual and team success for lifetime skills; *
As a Hale-Ray athlete I am learning to maximize my effort for a desirable outcome of competition; *
As a Hale-Ray Athlete, I am learning to stress the importance of fitness, conditioning, health habits, and safety in athletics; *
As a Hale-Ray Athlete, I am learning to develop a rapport with teammates, coaches, officials, and opponents that will relate to lifetime skills. *
I receive information about training and conditioning specific to my sport. *
I focus on maintaining my grades because of academic eligibility. *
I have had opportunities to learn and practice leadership skills in my sport. *
I learn strategies to avoid injuries while playing sports. *
As I see it, every team I see gets the same amount of resources. (for example: new uniforms, practice time) *
The facilities(fields, gym, locker rooms, etc) I play/practice in are maintained and cleaned at a high level. *
I see bullying in my sports programs. *
The climate during practices and games is fun and exciting. *
I participated in tryouts and I understand the criteria the coaches are using. If you did not participate, please skip this question. *
I frequently receive feedback about my sport specific skills during the season. *
I have learned from my coach how to improve my sport specific skill. *
I identify as a *
I am a student at the *
I primarily play *
I play ________ school based sports during the school year. *
What do you believe is the most important thing about our sports program? *
In what ways has the strength and conditioning program in 2018-2019 impacted my athletic performance. *
I know I am improving as an athlete because... *
Complete the statement: Observable changes in my 2018-2019 athletic program as compared to previous years include... *
List three things that you think went very well during this past season: *
List three things that you might have done differently or better *
List three things that you will focus on throughout the next season or off season. *
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