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The Department of Recreation is excited to offer Employee Recreation Workshops, which present faculty and staff with opportunities to take advantage of recreational facilities and instruction at no cost. Employees can earn CU Well points by reporting participation in Employee Recreation Workshops as "Healthy Events" on myviverae.com!

Spring 2017 Workshops Include:

Swimming for Fitness
Learn to Skate
Racquetball 101
Racquetball: Beyond the Basics
Climbing Wall Introduction
Intro to Aikido
Aikido: Beyond the Basics

See individual workshop descriptions below for details.

Contact Katie Kammerdiener, Assistant Director of Recreation: kkammerdiener@colgate.edu.

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I understand that participation in the wellness classes offered at Colgate University is at my own risk. I understand that in the event of an injury, I must personally accept the responsibility for the full expense of medical attention as well as other expenses arising out of such injury. I will take full responsibility for monitoring my heart rate and will adjust my exercises to keep within my proper target range. I assume full responsibility to discontinue any exercise that causes abnormal pain, and will consult the class leader about substituting an appropriate alternate exercise. I represent that I am in good physical health, and have appropriate medical insurance in the event that I need medical attention. I understand that prior to participating in any physical activity, I should consult a physician. If I have had any recent physical problem or surgery, particularly of the joints or muscles, I will take full responsibility for consulting a physician before beginning this program. I release and hold Colgate University and its Board of Trustees, officers and employees harmless from any claims or liabilities for personal injuries or other damages incurred by me, whether or not resulting from their negligence, as a result of such participation.
Swimming for Fitness
Swimming instructor Jordan Huff will introduce skills for lap swimming, improving stroke technique and efficiency in the water. This session is recommended for individuals with basic swimming ability, and is ideal for the recreational swimmer interested in swimming for exercise. Please select the box below if you plan to attend the Swimming for Fitness Workshop.
Learn to Skate
The Colgate Figure Skating Club will lead this introduction to ice skating in the brand new Class of 1965 Arena. This workshop for beginners taught by club members will aim to improve comfort level on the ice, by introducing participants to a variety of basic skating skills such as forward and backward stroking, stopping and one foot glides. Participants should dress warmly (layers and gloves are recommended) and bring their own skates. PLEASE NOTE: SKATE RENTAL IS NOT AVAILABLE. Participants are also encouraged to bring a water bottle. This is a great opportunity to stay active, be challenged and rewarded, as well as have fun! Please select the box below if you plan to attend the Learn to Skate Workshop.
Racquetball 101 & Racquetball - Beyond the Basics
Bob Thomas, experienced athlete with training under USA Racquetball, will lead this two-part introduction to the sport. In Racquetball 101 (Part 1), rules of the game and a variety of skills will be introduced, including proper grips, stance, and shot selection. Racquetball - Beyond the Basics (Part 2) will provide more time for participants to gain experience in game play and strategy, and is recommended for those who have attended Racquetball 101 or have previous experience with the game. Racquetball Courts are located on the 3rd floor of Huntington Gymnasium. Please select the appropriate box below if you plan to attend the Racquetball 101 and/or the Racquetball - Beyond the Basics Workshop(s).
Climbing Wall Introduction
Josh Solomon, Assistant Director of Outdoor Education, will lead this introduction to use of the Angert Family Climbing Wall. The workshop will include a tour of the facility and a basic introduction so participants can become familiar enough to return during open climbing hours. Climbing shoes will be provided; participants should wear socks and loose, comfortable clothing and bring a water bottle. Please select the box below if you plan to attend the Climbing Wall Introduction Workshop.
Intro to Aikido & Aikido - Beyond the Basics
Sensei James Wallace will lead this introduction to Aikido, a nonviolent art of self-defense of Japanese origin. This two-part workshop will introduce the Four Principles to Unify Mind & Body and various training principles that may be applied to daily life. Intro to Aikido (Part 1) will introduce the philosophy and basic skills of the art. Specific skills will include: basic stances and movements, stretching, escape from holds, and energy efficiency. Aikido - Beyond the Basics (Part 2) will provide participants a chance to gain more experience in practicing these skills, and is recommended for those who have attended Intro to Aikido and/or have previous experience. Participants will leave these workshops feeling centered, relaxed, and aware of principles and actions to defuse tense or threatening situations. Please select the appropriate box below if you plan to attend the Intro to Aikido and/or the Aikido - Beyond the Basics Workshop(s).
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