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In the wake of the 2016 election, there has been a tremendous upsurge of interest in small, local, community-driven organizations one can work with or donate to as part of efforts to counter the potential harm of a Trump administration.

While many databases have been compiled of larger and national organizations, folks at realized there was a huge dearth in the small, local, community driven organizations that make America truly great. We want to capture these organizations in the format they're most useful - a map! Rather than emphasizing national lobbying or advocacy groups, this map is for local chapters, neighborhood organizations, and small nonprofits.

Please note - we are looking for organizations focused on a set of core themes below, especially those working for social justice, equality, political reform, quality healthcare and sustainability. We reserve the right to leave organizations off the final database.

The map will be shared on our website as a resource for all. Contact if you have additions or suggestions.

Map Label *
Whatever you enter here will be the official label someone sees when they hover over your organization on the map - typically the name of the organization. If a chapter or local office for a larger org, use the name of the chapter or office, NOT the parent organization (that's next).
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Organization Name *
Please identify the name of the organization. For database purposes, we need the name of the parent organization for any chapters. So if you are a Sierra Club chapter in Milwaukee, write "Sierra Club" here. It's okay if this answer and the "map label" answer are the same!
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Website *
Please paste the URL of the organization’s website. It must be the full "" URL for the link to work, and we will not be able to fix and curate all links!
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Focus Issue *
Please identify which issue this organization is most closely connected to. We know this list is not exhaustive; contact if you have additions or suggestions, and we will try to respond as quickly as possible.
Please write a brief description of the organization's work, and the kind of support they seek. This will be visible when someone clicks on the organization on the map.
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Location *
Please post the organization’s address. If the group is does not have a fixed location, list the city. SECURITY NOTE: Some organizations may not want to identify their specific location for a variety of reasons. We encourage you to in those cases either a) use the city/town where the organization is located or b) use a nearby intersection to provide an approximate address.
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(Optional) Category - Support Needed
We are making second map that can be sorted not by focus issue, but by the type of support needed. Please select any of the following skills or support this organization might need.
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