Gen Con 2019 Organized Play Foundation Volunteer Registration
This questionnaire is for collecting volunteer preferences for Organized Play Foundation volunteers. Information submitted on this form will be shared only with Organized Play Foundation representative, the Paizo Organized Play Manager (OPM) and volunteer organizing committee members. If you receive a hotel room through the rewards program, you authorize us to share your contact information with your roommates.

THOROUGHLY READ EACH QUESTION BEFORE ANSWERING. ONCE THE FORM IS SUBMITTED, YOU WILL NOT HAVE ACCESS TO CHANGE YOUR ANSWERS. While emailing changes/corrections is possible, it increases the possibility of errors through manual management of the data. Please be as accurate as possible.

All questions/comments regarding your status as a volunteer should be directed to

All minors (age 13-17) require permission to volunteer from their parent/guardian in the form of written (email) permission and will be required to sign the volunteer agreement. A parent/guardian must be reachable on site at all times when a minor is volunteering. Minors earning share of a hotel room must be accompanied by a parent/guardian who is also a qualified volunteer. Minors earning a convention badge must have their own Gen Con account to which the badge can be assigned. Minors are not eligible for the HQ department.

A list of volunteer rewards is available on the OPF Convention Volunteer Registration Page.
All volunteers must complete and return a volunteer agreement with the OPF before they may attend the event as representatives of the Organized Play Foundation.

NOTE: Completion of this form does NOT indicate acceptance as a volunteer. Emails will be sent directly to each volunteer advising them of the status of their registration and require a confirmation response to complete the volunteer process. Subsequent emails containing updates and other information may include additional requests for confirmation.

Email address *
First Name *
Enter your first name. DO NOT use screen names, handles, slang, etc. In order to fulfill reservation requirements for hotel rooms, convention badges, etc, you MUST use your "real" name as it appears on your legal identification
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Last Name *
Enter your last name. DO NOT use screen names, handles, slang, etc. In order to fulfill reservation requirements for hotel rooms, convention badges, etc, you MUST use your "real" name as it appears on your legal identification
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Correspondence email address *
Email address where you prefer any communication messages to be directed/sent
Your answer email address: *
Email you use to log into Used for applying store credit and granting scenarios.
Your answer User Name: *
Name that shows on your Paizo home page or when you post on the message boards. Used for applying store credit and granting scenarios, if the email cannot find a volunteer account. Please open your account and verify your Username. An incorrect Username may affect your ability to receive the scenarios needed to GM your events and will prevent you from receiving the $10 per slot store credit reward.
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Gen Con User Name: *
User name to login to Gen Con. Used to grant complimentary badges to volunteers, if applicable. Must set up an account with Gen Con registration before badges may be added to your account. Please log into your Gen Con account and verify the account information before completing this form. If your information does not match, we will be unable to provide you with a badge and this can put your status as a volunteer in jeopardy.
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Organized Play Number *
Once simply called your PFS#, this is the number assigned to your organized play account that you write on chronicle sheets
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Venture-Officer status: *
If you are a venture-officer, please indicate your position. Otherwise, please answer no. Verify your name appears in the coordinator's list on If not, you must explain your VO status in the comments at the end of this form.
Gender *
For the purposes of hotel room assignment, do you identify as male (M) or female(F) or non-traditional? In the case of non-traditional volunteers (transitioning, gender-fluid, etc), please add a note in the comments section at the end regarding any other information or preferences that should be taken into account when making room assignments. This information is confidential and will only be used to assign rooms.
Age *
Please indicate in which age category you will fall into at the time of Gen Con 2019?
Programs *
With which program/s would you like to volunteer? SELECT ALL THAT APPLY 1E=Pathfinder Society 1st Edition RPG 2E=Pathfinder Society 2E RPG SFS=Starfinder Society Roleplaying Guild PACG=Pathfinder Adventure Card Guild PSA=Pathfinder Society Academy (formerly Kids Track) HQ=headquarter staff Note: this does not guarantee you will be selected for your preferences. It just tells us your preferred areas of interest. Which program/s you are actually selected for is based on the current needs of the community. Minors (under 18) are not eligible for the HQ department.
Commitment *
For how many slots/blocks would you like to volunteer? Please refer to the January 16, 2019 blog, "Calling for volunteers" on for the breakdown of slot commitments and rewards.
Availability *
Please indicate for which slots you are available to volunteer. Remember, the more you limit your schedule, the harder it is to place you as a volunteer. Keep this in mind when selecting your availability. If a reasonable schedule cannot be created using your block commitment and availability, we may reject your application. To qualify for the hotel room reward, you must be available for at least one of the special events scheduled in the PM slots or overnights. The slot times are AM=0800-1300, [after]NOON=1400-1900, PM=2000-0100, [over]NITE=0200-0700. GMs must report to their table 15 minutes prior to start time. NOTE: the Sunday afternoon block is a special "cleanup" slot with a very low availability. Do not use it to fulfill the minimum level of your commitment.
Pathfinder GM Experience *
Please indicate the total number of GM stars you have earned running games for the Pathfinder Society Roleplaying Guild.
Starfinder GM Experience *
Please indicate the total number of GM novas you have earned running games for the Starfinder Society roleplaying Guild
Level *
If you are GMing, in what level range of scenarios would you prefer to run? We will try to accommodate your request, but cannot guarantee scenario assignments will be within your requested range. LOW=1-7, MID=3-9, HIGH=7-11, SEEKER=12+, NONE=No preference or not applicable
T-Shirts *
Paizo provides volunteer shirts to each volunteer, one for each day a volunteer is onsite running games.
Do you possess any physical restrictions that require accommodation? *
If you have a physical disability or limitation that will require special accommodations under the American's with Disability Act, please check "yes" and describe the accommodations your require in the question that follows.
Please describe:
If you checked "yes" to the previous question, please explain in detail what accommodations are necessary to accommodate you. Failure to disclose requested accommodations will result in no action taken.
Your answer
Roommate Preference: *
Do you have a roommate preference? To ease the task of assigning rooms, each volunteer may select up to three people (four to a room) to room with them. NOTE: all volunteers MUST list the other(s) as a roommate(s) for the preference to be considered. Confirm with the others in your list BEFORE SUBMITTING YOUR FORM so all requests are the same. Incomplete/non-matching requests will be ignored
Roommate Names:
If you answered yes to the previous question, list the names of your (no more than THREE) preferred roommates, separated by commas. Please note, all volunteers MUST have matching room mate lists for the preference to be considered. We recommend you confirm with the others in your list so all requests are the same. Incomplete/non-matching requests will be ignored.
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Book Choice
If approved to volunteer for 6 slots or more, you will receive a complimentary printed book (usually the most recent release) from Paizo valued at $59.95 or less. If you qualify and do not select an option, you may forfeit this option. PATH=Pathfinder RPG book STAR=Starfinder RPG book PACG=Pathfinder Adventure Card Game Materials
Contact number *
Please provide a mobile/cell number where you can be reached while at the convention. Enter the 10 digit number (just the numbers, no spaces, hyphens, parentheses, etc). If you have an international number, include the required prefix
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List any other items you would like the organizing committee to consider when reviewing your application?
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A copy of your responses will be emailed to the address you provided.
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