HHUC Expense Request Form
Enter the information as requested below. Please fill out one form per recipient, and per grouping of 5 receipts. The request may be rejected if the information is incomplete. This form is intended to create one-source of information and minimize re-typing of information. Avoid using language like "see attachment".
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Email of recipient
If the recipient of the reimbursement is different than the person completing the form.
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Enter the full sum to claim in CAD dollars
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Please provides some details of what is being claimed to better help process the expenses. What does the expense relate to - e.g. NAUI membership renewals, course materials, promotion, etc ...
The expense claims will be forwarded to the relevant executive director for review. Please specify which portfolio is most applicable
Receipts or Invoices *
Attach all of the relevant receipts or invoices
Purchase Proof
Please upload a redact credit card statement or other statement clearly showing the items claimed in the this form, and the name of the recipient.
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