Sentinels of the Multiverse Statistics Project
This is an online collaboration effort to understand the effectiveness of heroes in the Cooperative Card game Sentinels of the Multiverse.

*****Alternate Fan Made House Rules Not Accepted *****

Please do not use house rules in games you intend to add to the project. These will skew the data as we have no way to determine which games used these. These include, but are not limited too, the BGG version of Gloomweaver, all Legacy Games (Greatest, Young, and Normal Legacy vrs anyone) or Freedom Six games (all the F6 at once). Each of these examples, and any other that are not 100% accepted by the rules, will skew the data.

***** 2 Hero Games Not Accepted******

We are no longer accepting 2 Hero games - It was such a small subset to begin with (less than 100 responses over the 3 years this has been going on) and it provides no accurate data for the actual drive of this project. Sorry!

***** Odd Answers available to questions ****

A lot of the questions look a bit weird - IncapHero1 or VengFlip3 - This is for tracking purposes to make it easier for us to collate the data. You're all smart people I bet you'll get it right off!

***** Questions? Comments? *****

Want to play with the data in your own time? Want to help out in some specific way (ie: you have an idea you would like to do) Questions, Comments, and goodwill? Email the curator, Lynkfox, at

****** See the Results: Updated NIGHTLY ******

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