Internet Addiction Assessment
Taking an assessment is a brave first step and we're here for you. These questions describe common signs of a problem behavior or an addiction. This assessment is here to help you see if you or a loved one may need treatment for overuse. Some of these questions may be sensitive. Please be honest and answer to the best of your ability. There are no right or wrong answers, the questions are here to help you.

Note: We collect responses to improve our clinical services, but we do not ask you for any private information.
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Quiz Questions
We know these questions may be sensitive. Please answer to the best of your ability. There are no right or wrong answers
1. Do you spend increasing amounts of time on online activities? *
2. Do you feel excited when you're online? *
3. Have you tried multiple times to control, cut back, or stop your internet use with no success? *
4. Has your internet use ever caused a strain in your relationships with family and/or friends? *
5. When not online, are you anxious to get back and spend time on the Internet? *
6. Do you feel restless or uneasy when you're not online? *
7. Do you ever lied to your friends or family about how much time you spend on the Internet? *
8. Do you feel any unwanted or negative emotions (e.g. FOMO, envy, sadness) while you’re on the internet? *
9. Have you experienced any negative changes to your physical health due to using the internet? (eg. weight gain or loss, back pain,  eye strain, needing glasses, etc.) *
10. Do you use the internet before going to sleep? *
11. Does the internet get in-between the amount you sleep or impact the quality of your sleep? *
12. Do you go to sleep later because you were using the internet? *
13. Do you skip out on hobbies or other activities you  in order to be online? *
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