Urban Mobility Potential of E-bikes in Västra Götalandsregionen
This online survey aims to investigate the potential use of Electric Bikes (E-bike) in Västra Götalandsregionen. An E-bike is a bicycle with an electric motor, which reduces the rider's efforts through assisted pedalling up to 25km/h.

This is part of a research package directed towards the introduction of electric two-wheelers and showcasing the region's potential for innovative sustainable urban mobility. This survey will take approximately 10 minutes to answer, once completed please remember to press submit and wait for confirmation. This survey is completely anonymous and the information will be used for research purposes only. Please kindly contact us if you have any questions.

Thank you for your participation!

Magda Collado: magda.collado@viktoria.se
Anne Yu: anne.yu@viktoria.se

Viktoria Swedish ICT

1. Please specify your gender *
2. Please specify your age *
3. What is your education level? *
4. Please specify your monthly income before tax? (SEK/month) *
5. Please specify your area of residence. *
Municipality (e.g. Partille), or neighbourhood if you live in Göteborg (e.g. Centrum, Majorna)
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6. Please specify your working area *
Municipality (e.g. Partille), or neighbourhood if you live in Göteborg (e.g. Centrum, Majorna)
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7. How far do you usually need to commute? (km) *
Consider the entire distance for a one-way journey
8. How long time do you usually commute to work/school for? (minutes) *
Consider the entire time for a one way journey
9. What is your preferred mode of travel to work/ school? *
10a. According to your answer on 9, why do you prefer this mode? *
Please rate the options based on the level of importance they take in your travel mode selection process
Very important
Somewhat Important
Somewhat unimportant
Not Important
Don't consider it
Time flexibility
Most comfortable
Most environmentally friendly 
10b. Are there other reasons why you prefer this mode?
Your answer
11. What is your level of awareness of E-bikes *
12. What kind of trip would you do with an E-bike? *
Please consider the entire route, from starting point to final destination and vice versa
13. For what commuting purpose would you use an E-bike? *
14. What transport mode could an E-bike replace for you? *
15. How much would you be willing to spend on buying an E-bike? (SEK) *
16. How much would you spend per month on renting an E-bike? (SEK/month) *
17a. What are the most appealing factors that would influence you to use an E-bike? *
Please rate the options based on the level of appealing influence
Very appealing
Somewhat Appealing
It requires less physical effort to ride
It helps overcome hilly terrain
It's faster
It enables longer distance trips
It's easier to ride in traffic
I can carry load easier
I wouldn't sweat as much
It provides some degree of physical exercise
17b. Are there other appealing factors for using an E-bike?
Your answer
18a. What are some un-appealing factors that would influence you to NOT use an E-bike? *
Please rate the options based on the level of unappealing influence
Very unappealing 
Somewhat unappealing
I don't like to cycle in general (if unappealing, please go to question 19)
They are too expensive
I am not familiar with the technology
They are too heavy
Fear of having it stolen
I think charging it is inconvenient
18b. Are there other unappealing factors to not use an E-bike?
Your answer
19. Select the reasons for choosing "I do not like to cycle in general" in question 18a?
Answer this question ONLY if you chose "Very Unappealing" or "Somewhat Unappealing". Please select the three most important reasons
20. What is your opinion of conventional bicycle pools*? *
*Pool refers to bicycles/vehicles in public locations that are available for short/ medium term rental
21. If an E-bike pool was available, would you consider using this service? *
Please answer according to the likeliness of your choice
22. How long would you like to rent an E-bike for? *
23. How would you like to pay for the E-bike rental? *
24. Would you be interested in public charging and parking infrastructure special for E-bikes?
Public in this case means of public use
25. In your opinion, what is an ideal location for an E-bike pool station? *
(E.g. Nordstan, Borås Station, Chalmers, etc.)
Your answer
26. If you could influence the development of an E-bike pool, what suggestions would you give the developers?
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