Call for ideas: Citizens in the driving seat on solar energy
Politics and society are increasingly demanding a shift towards a sustainable energy system that uses renewable sources, one of which is solar energy. During the past couple of years, solar-energy technology has experienced a dramatic price drop thanks to research and innovation. Today, it can compete on the market with fossil-based energy in many regions of the world.

But there is still a long road to go until the sun is one of the main energy sources. That’s why GRECO is here !

Photovoltaic engineers, chemists and physicists need support from citizens
This is called citizen science. The inclusion of society in the decision-making, design, implementation and analysis of research or innovation. It is therefore an active process in which science is co-created with citizens. GRECO seeks to develop an initiative to include citizens in the research process of the solar-energy community.
GRECO would like to include your ideas to design and launch a useful OPEN platform that connects the scientific community of solar energy with citizens. Can you help us? We would like you to think about three questions and give us your feedback.
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