2020 Howell-CSUPERB Scholars Program - Final Report
We are using this form to collect final reports from 2020 Howell-CSUPERB Research Scholars.

The final report has three parts. Part One (Questions 1-8) will be shared with the Howell Foundation, their donors, and the public. Part Two and Part Three (Questions 9-26) will be kept confidential.

You must work with your faculty mentor on Part One Question 4. The information you provide in Part One may be used by the Howell Foundation for reporting purposes, donor relations, and/or publicity. As a result, you should not include any proprietary, confidential or unpublished data in your answers to questions in Part One.

Your Part Two and Part Three (Questions 9-26) responses will be aggregated with all the other Scholars' reporting data. Your identity and your institution’s identity will remain confidential. No one other than CSUPERB program administrators will see your individual responses to Part Two questions. Data will be reported only in the aggregate in CSUPERB reports. By filling in all or part of the information requested in Part Two and Three, you agree that we may use your responses as part of the aggregate data.

Your feedback and answers will help us to improve the Howell Scholars program, to find out how important or meaningful the program was to you, and to justify the continuation of the program for other students. We also ask for other personal characteristics that will help us to determine whether different groups of students find similar or different aspects of the research experience of greater or lesser value.

In exchange, remember to include the Howell-CSUPERB Research Scholar Award on your resume, LinkedIn, Google Scholar or ResearchGate profiles, and applications going forward. You should be proud of your academic research accomplishments! By completing this report, you will write a summary that you might want to include on your resume or a future job, fellowship or graduate school application - so save a copy of what you write for your future self!

If you have any questions about the survey, now or later, please contact Christine Montgomery at rmontgomery@sdsu.edu or CSUPERB at csuperb@sdsu.edu.

Your thoughtful responses are greatly appreciated. We hope you remain safe and healthy and wish you all the best in your career.
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