Greater Orlando Chapter of Florida A & M University Alumni Association
Eligible applicants must meet the following criteria:
A cumulative grade point average of 2.5 or above
Acceptance to Florida A & M University for the FALL 2019 Semester
Enrolled in Orange County Public School (including charter and private) or parent(s)/guardian live in Orange County
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Last Name, First Name *
Current Address *
Telephone (Home) and (Cell) *
Name of Parent(s)/Guardian(s) *
Current School *
School Counselor and Telephone Number *
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SAT Scores: Evidence Based Reading/Writing and Math *
ACT Score: Composite *
Extra-Curricular Activities Throughout High School Career (Name of Activity, Description and Length) *
Community Activities Outside of School (church group, volunteer organizations, etc.) *
List any Recognition and/or Awards you have received (Name and Date)
Are your parent(s)/Guardian(s) graduates of FAMU *
Are your parent(s)/Guardian(s) financial members of the Greater Orlando FAMU Alumni Chapter *
Have you received any scholarships from FAMU? (Adopted High School, Distinguished Scholars Award, Elizabeth Benacquis to Merit Incentive, George W. Gore, Life-Gets-Better, Presidential Special Scholarship, etc) *
If you have received scholarships from FAMU list them below:
Do you have Florida Prepaid? *
Have you applied for FAFSA 2019-2020? *
Upload high school transcript (PDF and must include official seal) *
Upload SAT/ACT Score Report *
Upload FAMU Acceptance letter *
Upload 2 Letters of Recommendations (One teacher and one community organization, church member or employer) Letters from counselor/administrator will not be considered *
Upload 1 page typed (300 words or less) essay addressing the following questions: 1. Why do you choose to attend Florida A&M University? 2. What are your goals and aspirations? 3. Why are you the best candidate for this scholarship? 4. What do you plan to do to support Florida A&M University after you graduate? *
What is your intended major? *
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