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This form helps to gather all the information needed to design your training and nutrition plan so please answer in as much detail and as honestly as possible. I don't just put plans together and leave you to it, as your coach I'm here to cheer you on, give you advice, motivation and inspiration. The more contact we have, the more you come to me for advice and check in regularly and consistently the more you will get from us working together.
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What gym do you train at? (If multiple, explain) *
Do you have any training beliefs? (e.g. a certain style of training is more beneficial than another etc - you may have picked these up from previous trainers or people in the gym) *
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Please send 4 clear photos of your front, back and both sides to 07734022670 on WhatsApp (men in shorts or boxers and women in underwear or a sports bra and shorts or leggings in good lighting, against a plain background and your waistband below your belly button). Do not breathe in etc, you want these to be a true representation of your starting point so we can see clear progress from here! *
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