RCRC Movement CiE Toolkit Feedback

We hope that the Cash in Emergencies toolkit (CiE) was of use to you!

In efforts to capture field experience of the toolkit, we would like to hear of your experience and learn from your feedback. We are striving to continuously improve the CiE Toolkit and your feedback will contribute to periodical revisions of the CiE toolkit.

Thank you again for your constructive feedback.
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Which resources of the CiE toolkit did you use for your work?
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Module 1: Preparedness
Module 2: Assessment 
Module 3: Response option analysis
Module 4: Set-up and implementation
Module 5: Monitoring and evaluation
Modalities Box (vouchers and cash for work)
RCRC Movement key CTP documents
References documents 
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Which resources of the CiE Toolkit did you find most useful?
How was your navigation experience in the website?
Any comments and/or suggestions for improvement of the navigation in the website?
Tools feedback
Which tools of the toolkit did you find most useful?
Which tools did you find were missing in the toolkit?
Which tools do you have specific suggestions for improvements?
Please feel free to send edited versions of the tools to the following email address: cie.toolkit@ifrc.org
Any other comments and/or suggestions for improvements?
Thank you!
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