Standby Participant Form
This is the official participation waiver for a standby participant to join the Takoma Park Ski Club.
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Participation in the program may be a hazardous activity. Participant should not participate in the program unless participant is in good physical shape and is medically able. Participant (or parent or guardian on behalf of a minor child participant) assumes all risks associated with participation in this program, including but not limited to, those generally associated with this type of program, the hazards of traveling on public roads, of accidents, of illness, and of the forces of nature. In consideration of the right to participate in the program, the participant, his or her heirs, and executors, or a parent or guardian on behalf of a minor child participant, agrees to release and indemnify the organizer, and parent volunteers, from any and all claims for injuries or loss of any person or property which may arise out of or result from participation in the program. The participant (or the parent or guardian on behalf of a minor child participant) grants permission for a doctor or emergency medical technician to administer emergency treatment of the participant and consents to the clubs use of photographs taken or videotapes made of the program that include the participant. Neither the club organizer, chaperons, nor any volunteers are responsible for participants prior to or after the scheduled program. *
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