"Our Story #2" Series Questionnaire

Our Story - was a series that covered general topics in order to both introduce the world to polyamory, as well as normalize it and showcase its diversity. (The article series is available on our website: PolyamorousLiving.com)

Our Story #2 - is a series that is focused on how to create and maintain healthy relationships within the constructs of polyamory.

ALL submissions are anonymous, and will be combined to create a comprehensive guide to help polyamorous people maneuver the ups and downs of relationships. Everyone is different, and therefore everyone deals with their emotions in different ways. Emotions affect the way in which we communicate, act, and love. Sharing your own suggestions, for things that have benefited or helped you in some way, will greatly impact our Polyamorous community as a whole in a positive way. The best advice FOR the Polyamorous community, comes FROM the Polyamorous community!
When do you tell new potential partners that you are polyamorous? How do you bring it up? And what information do you make sure to provide? *
What are some red flags you look for to guarantee you aren’t getting into an unhealthy or abusive relationship/situation? And how do you handle getting out of the relationship/situation when you identify these red flags? *
What agreements have been helpful for you when first opening up your relationship to polyamory (if applicable)? How do you guarantee these agreements are consensual? [Reminder that an agreement is something agreed upon vs. a rule that you place on somebody else to control them.] *
What are some boundaries you set in your relationship(s), and how do you enforce them? Does the form of polyamory you practice have an impact on the kinds of boundaries you set? If applicable, does having a BDSM/Kink dynamic have any bearing on your boundaries? [Reminder that boundaries are rules you place on yourself and not on other people.] *
What are some trigger warnings for you? How do you identify when you need to take a break for self-care? *
What are some good communication techniques, or skills, you’ve learned that have helped you create an open, honest, safe, and healthy environment for you and your partner(s)? *
How do you differentiate between areas where your consent is important, and areas where you have to step back and let your partner(s) have the say? [Example of needing consent - to touch your body, or enter your home. Example of not needing consent - choices your partner(s) make in their relationship(s) with other people.] *
What forms of self-care help you manage any potential jealousy or insecurities? What other advice do you have about managing these tricky emotional mine fields? *
How do you deal with time management with your partner(s)? And what do you do in order to make sure you prioritize things like self-care, children, etc.? *
Typically, how many partners do you feel you can handle before you are poly-saturated? And how do you determine when you are beginning to feel poly-saturated? *
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