2020 NAII AI Tech Sprint Application
The 2020 AI Tech Sprint, centered around Interventions for Veterans not Currently Served by VA, is a 12 week engagement designed to foster collaboration with industry and academic partners by iteratively designing an AI-enabled tool that leverages federal data to address a need for Veterans.

Sprints enable a novel, nimble approach to enabling innovation and product ideation that paves the way for future partnerships.
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What kind of time commitment can be expected during the sprint (e.g. FTEs over the ~12 wks)? *
Do you have any specific plans for a new tool or module on existing tool that you plan to build for this? *
Do you have any proposed partnerships with other non-federal participants (from NAII AI Tech Sprint), that you would like to see, and/or would like to bring into this sprint? (For example, a previous team developing new informatics may add company partner in pharma to strengthen the application, etc.). Please indicate whether that organization is a confirmed partner and/or chances of partnership forming in time to be useful for interactions in the sprint timeframe (~12 wks). *
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