Coming up right next in Outline app
Announced in, here is a plan for app improvements scheduled to be delivered till May 21.

Let us know if you like the plan, so we might adjust!

Note that it's only a part of the entire development plan. The details are Outline Blog.

Outline for iOS Improvements
Reduce the number of screens in Outline for iPhone
For the sake of faster navigation, we want to take the 1st screen (notebooks) and 2nd (sections) and make them one. It will be just like the thing in Outline for iPad, with expandable/collapsible list of sections.
Publish pages
Create a public link to a page, so people not having Outline app might read the note. Can be shared via email, messenger, or whatever else way. When public access to a published page is not required anymore, revoke it.
Mention / assign people on tasks in checklists
When a list of tasks tagged with checkboxes contains one for another person to accomplish, you can mention people, with @ right next to the task. The person will receive an email notification and a link to the page privately published. Emails can be gathered from Apple contacts or Office 365 user list.
Gather handwriting from other apps
There is a nightmare legacy bug with super slow reaction of Apple Pencil in Outline. We are working hard to improve it, but the fix is not there yet, won't be completed till May 21:( But that doesn't mean Outline for iPad users who work on iPad Pro must stop writing with the Pencil in their note-taking workflow! The workaround is write in another app and then drag the writing into Outline, next to your others notes. The first apps to integrate with are Paper 53 and Penultimate.
Update localizations
Right this moment Outline is officially featured in English, German, and Chinese languages. But there are occasional glitches in those texts. Planning to fix those + add official support of Spanish, Italian, and Russian.
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