Sunday School
March 21st & 28th

Today we’re learning about the time Jesus rode into Jerusalem while crowds of people praised Him because they realized that Jesus is the King!
Introduction Video
Here is a link to the introduction video:

After watching the video:

*How do you picture a king? Close your eyes and get a mental image.

*If a king was going to be in a parade right near your house, what would you do?

*Would you expect a king to ride a donkey?

Bible Message
Discussion Starters
After watching the Bible Message video:

*Are you glad that many people finally recognized that Jesus was king?

*Do you think you would have laid your jacket on the ground for Jesus to ride across?

*What words of praise would you have shouted?

*How can we continue the spirit of Palm Sunday in our lives today?

Mr. Fred's Craft Time
Music Video
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