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Simple Stuff
Booth Crew
Running the lights or sound. Including light board, sound board, or spot light. Be a part of the show without being seen on stage. Take control of the surrounding cosmic powers with itty-bitty sliders.
Costuming | Props
Help find or create the costumes or props for our shows.
Set Construction
Building sets or other stage furnishings. Set construction is simple fun. No need to worry about imperfections or permanence.  Sets are only seen from a distance and only last until strike.
Set Painting
Whoops, that paint is slightly smudgy. Actually those imperfections help keep the set from looking flat. You can enjoy painting sets without having to worry about doing a perfect job.
Stage Crew
Stage Ninja. Be the black-clothed ninja of the stage. Do the scene changes or other stage support.
Supporting Performances
Strike (teardown), Setup, House Managing, Box Office, etc. Have fun while lending a hand. Performance nights are full of fun before and after the show. Help our audience have a fun, care-free evening.
Helping BCT outside of Performances
Fundraisers, Workdays, etc. Hangout with the group but also, seriously, this is what keeps the theatre afloat.
More Involved
Run the show!  (from the front seat...)
Stage Managing | Production Managing
Managing positions for a production. This includes Stage Managing, Production Managing, or Props Manager.
Costuming | Props Design
Take a role in leading the designing of costumes or props.
Stage Design
Take control and design the set! Build the back drop for the actors.
Lighting Design
Design lights—or learn how. Lights are an easily overlooked part of theatre. When lights are done right, you support the emotions of the show without the audience realizing. Good lights can change a good scene into a great scene.
Sound Design
Finding sounds or even making them. Music for preshow, intermission, and curtain call. You may not be seen but you are heard!
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