Premier Debate 2017-18 In-Season Job Application
Brief Writer

Premier Debate seeks brief writers for the 2017-18 season, primarily focused on the November/December, January/February, and March/April LD debate topics. Applicants must have graduated high school and have experience debating or coaching in LD and/or policy. Strong applicants will demonstrate effective research skills and competency in Verbatim. General or specific area writers (e.g. policy arguments, moral philosophy, or kritiks) may apply. Competitive pay.

Assistant Webmaster

Premier Debate seeks an Assistant Webmaster for the 2017-18 debate season. Our web content team reports tournament results, solicits web content, edits articles and posts, and suggests creative changes to Premier Debate's online presence. The team is also responsible for maintaining our blog series "The Meta," "Debate for All," etc. Strong applicants are college students (but high school students may also apply) with interests in social media, web development, community-building and/or marketing. Position is unpaid.

Regional Recruiter

Premier Debate seeks regional recruiters for the 2017-18 debate season. Tasks of recruiters may include talking to students about Premier at tournaments and online, distributing merchandise to students, and contacting coaches. Pay is structured based on job performance and highly competitive. Involvement in the recruitment process also enhances one's application for a summer teaching job.

Curriculum Developer

Premier Debate is committed to continual improvement of our summer curriculum. We have a team working on refining our day-to-day camp schedule, lecture and drill notes, and novice/middle school curriculum. That said, we are always open to adding educators to the team to assist in these essential tasks. Often our curriculum developers also teach in the summer, but that needn't be the case for this in-season job. Successful applicants will be coaches or teachers with experience working with debaters of varying skill levels and interests. Pay is highly competitive and determined by job performance.

Debate Coach

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