Fields Center Fellow Application 2017-18 Academic Year
Welcome to the first portion of the CAF Fellow Application Process. Applications will be due Friday, March 17, 2017 at 5:00 PM.

Please note a few things about our application:
A. It is divided into two main sections: (1) basic student information and (2) open-ended questions, which includes a few short-response questions and an essay question.
B. It cannot be saved and returned to once it has been started, so please give yourself adequate time to review the questions in advance and answer them completely. We also suggest that you type your responses on a separate document first in the event that you face any technical problems.

A detailed position description can be found below. If you experience any difficulties completing our application, feel free to email the Director, Tennille Haynes at

Carl Fields Center Fellows are the face of the Fields Center. As a fellow, your involvement with the Carl Fields Center ranges from assisting the Center with outreach about programs and events, aiding in diversity and social justice discussions, to planning events and programs for the Fields Center and co-facilitating peer training's and workshops.

Carl Fields Center Fellows are diverse student leaders who contribute to the mission, vision and four pillars of the Carl Fields Center for Equality and Cultural Understanding. The work of a fellow will include the development and implementation of the Center’s academic, social and cultural programs. Fellows will have the opportunity to develop leadership skills, become engaged in social justice issues and also contribute to the rich diversity and community on campus.

Carl Fields Center Fellows will be trained to engage the Princeton community in dialogue around issues of social justice intended to encourage intercultural communication and exchange.

Fellows Roles

The Fields Center Fellows will operate in the following roles:
1. Diversity Peer Educators: Fellows in this capacity will work closely with the Director to develop training's and workshops for Princeton students in the residence halls and within the campus community
2. Dialogues and Engagement Coordinators: Fellows in this capacity will work on the development, implementation and facilitation of Fields Center dialogues around campus.
3. Programs and Events Coordinators: Fellows in this capacity will work with the Director and Program Coordinator to plan, develop and implement programming and events throughout the academic year. These fellows will work closely with Princeton student groups, departments and outside entities to create dynamic, engaging program on behalf of the Fields Center Diversity Peer education Program.

The main goals of the Fellows program will be to focus on the following main issues of social justice and identity:
• Race/culture
• Gender
• Ability
• Sexual orientation
• Religious difference
• Socioeconomic status

Roles, Responsibilities and Expectations of a Carl Fields Fellow
• Fellows wills serve as ambassadors for the Carl Fields Center in the campus community
• Fellows are expected to attend weekly meetings
• Fellows are expected to attend Carl Fields Center training's, workshops and retreat


• Fellows MUST attend six full days of training in order to become a Fellow. The training's will be broken up into two parts.The first training will occur from Friday, May 5, 2017 from 4:30pm-8pm and Saturday, May 6, 2017 from 9:00am-5:00pm. The Second Training will August 29, 2017 through September 1, 2017

Fellow Learning Outcomes
Students will develop a sense of responsibility to social justice and diversity issues to others within the Princeton Community
1. Students will have the opportunity to enhance cultural sensitivity and competence through the formal and informal interactions with diverse peers, faculty members, administrators, and staff
2. Students will gain a better understanding of the cultural challenges that peers may be facing
3. Students will articulate issues related to diversity in their surroundings through the reflections on one’s own understanding and experience
4. Students will show greater openness and willingness to engage in respectful communication across social differences

Personal Information
Full Name
Preferred name
Example: she, her, he, him, their, them or some other pronoun
PU ID Number
Campus Address
Phone Number
Phone Number
Class Year
Short Response Questions
Please provide a brief response for the questions listed below.
What do you see as the most pressing issue on campus as it relates to diversity? What role can the Fellows play to combat this issue?
What unique abilities or strengths will you bring to this position? How will they be an asset to the Fellows Program and the Field’s Center?
Please list any programming experience you many have
How we walk through the world is very important. Our identities shape who we are and how we experience the world around us. Please list your most salient identities that are important to you and have shaped the world around you. (no more than 500 words)
For example your experience as a student of Muslim faith, a Latinx queer person of color or first generation low income student
Essay and Creative Response Question
The Carl A. Fields Center is centered around the values of leadership, understanding, empowerment, and social justice. Please tell us how one or more of those values play a role in your life.

Please note that we are NOT scoring candidates differently based on which method they select to answer this question. Our intention is to allow different leaders different ways to express themselves, so BE CREATIVE!

Please respond to the above prompt in one of the following ways.

A written expression of your response (that is no more than 500 words).
An artistic expression of your response with a brief description. You may post a link to your response here.
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