Volunteer Sign Up: 5050 Raffle @ Trail Blazers Games
Support the Cycling Center at the next Trail Blazers game!
This year, the Community Cycling Center was selected as a Trail Blazers Community Partner to help with fundraising and awareness-building throughout the season. The 5050 raffle is one of the ways we fund raise and spread the word on the work we do at the Community Cycling Center. Check out communitycyclingcenter.org to learn more about our work!

As a volunteer, you sell raffle tickets an hour before tip off until the end of halftime. Part of the money that we raise goes to the winner of the raffle and another part goes to the Community Cycling Center. Then, volunteers get to enjoy the second half of the game free of charge and discounts on concession food! To get to our total goal, we need a team of 20-25 volunteers. Tip-off is at 6pm so our volunteer shift will begin promptly at 4:00pm.

Volunteers are encouraged to apply in pairs, as we'll break into two-person teams to sell raffle tickets. Single volunteers are absolutely welcome, too! Volunteers under 18 must be paired with an over 18 ticket seller. Please keep this in mind when signing up. We welcome volunteers as young as 10 for this opportunity.

*Sunday, January 7th vs. San Antonio Spurs : 4:00pm call time* - Sign up soon so we don't have to worry over the holidays!
*Sunday, February 11th vs. Utah Jazz : 4:00pm call time*
*Tuesday, March 6th vs. New York Knicks : 5:00pm call time*

This volunteer opportunity includes a lot of movement, talking, crowds, handling money and using a hand-held tablet. Stationary volunteer positions available by request. Talk to us and we'll help make you comfortable.

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