Clinton Swim and Tennis Club Counter Help Application
Applicants must be 14 years old to be considered for employment at the Clinton Swim and Tennis Club.

**Applications due by March 1, 2021.
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Have you or your family been a member of the pool in the last two years? *
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Have you ever worked at the Clinton Swim and Tennis Club? If so, list previous years of employment and position(s). *
Please list any previous work/volunteer experience and how the skills you obtained/used can contribute to the Clinton Swim and Tennis Club. Please include your dates of employment, supervisor's name and contact information. *
Why are you interested in a counter help position at the Clinton Swim and Tennis Club? Why do you think you should be considered as a strong candidate for the position? *
Please list any organizations, athletics, or volunteer activities with which you have been involved and/or any academic awards you have received. *
Please list 1-2 references that we may contact. Include name, relationship to you and contact information (email or phone number). *
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