Registration Form NOD ICD Program 2017/18 and Summer Program July 2018

To join in a partial or complete way to the International Contemporary dance Program and Summer Program created by NOD
- to be a dance students aged 18 and up, with a strong contemporary and ballet technique, or professional dancers and teachers seriously motivated and interested in NOD program
- Please send your cv and a short video (1 min. minimum video of your improv that shows your skill, technique , physicality, virtuosity and dynamic movment in the studio)

Filling out the form does not implies the enrollment, which instead will be considered complete only after sending your CV video and your payment the corresponding fee by bank transfer.s us your skills, technique, dynamic movments in a studio) to :

That enrollment will be considered complete only after having sent a copy of the payment made and the medical certificate as per our previously sent email.
The entire updated program published on the link:

Per partecipare al Progetto di Danza Contemporanea Internazionale ideato dalla NOD, rivolto a studenti, in modo completo o anche parziale.
- danzatori di livello avanzato/ semiprofessionale o insegnanti dai 18 anni in sù.
- Si prega d'inviare un breve cv ed un tuo video a:

S'informa che la registrazione del presente modulo non presuppone l'iscrizione al corso, che invece sarà considerata completa solo previo pagamento della tariffa corrispondente tramite bonifico bancario

l'intero programma aggiornato pubblicato sul link:

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