LegendsRP Valdean and Associates Lawyer: APPLICATION
This is the official application form for Valdean and Associates Law Firm of Los Santos!
Please fill the blanks in an honest manner and remember that there's no wrong answers!
Please fill out the application personally, and do not copy or share your answers with anyone!
Thank you, and good luck.
When your application is reviewed by an approving authority, they will contact you (@ you) in #application-responses channel and inform you if your application was accepted or denied. From there you will either begin your next steps into training, or be told why your application was denied.

* You MUST be 16 years old or older.
* You MUST have a working microphone..
* You MUST have a valid driver license.
* You MUST not have ANY outstanding warrants or bolos on you.
* You SHOULD be capable of learning new things.
* You SHOULD have knowledge about the rules.
* You SHOULD not be banned/punished recently.

Application response can take up-to a week to reply in #law-enforcement-responses channel.
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Are you able to speak and understand English fluently? *
How much experience do you already have in being a lawyer? *
I know the law like the back of my hand
You do understand that if you are convicted of anything more than a traffic violation you may be fired? *
Why do you think you should be hired as a lawyer? (60 word minimum) *
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