Permission Form A: In-Person Theatre
Please complete this form in order for your child to safely participate in our in-person theatre opportunities during Whodunnit. Email me with any changes or questions after submission.
What is your name & relation to the HHS student? *
What is your child's full name? *
What grade are they in? *
My child has the following allergies or medical conditions. (Please be specific or write "none".) *
What is your child's T shirt size? (This is for the production shirt.) *
Please check the following you agree with for this 20-21 school year. If you are uncomfortable with a certain platform, please complete the "other" choice with as much detail as possible. Thank you! *
I understand that there is still risk involved in meeting in person and I am willing to take that risk, given Heritage's LCPS approved safety measures in place. *
By typing my full name below: I understand that the staff and volunteers are working to the best of their ability to keep the students safe, but there is no guarantee that they can prevent the spread of COVID-19 and/or any other viruses. By signing this agreement, I additionally acknowledge and assume the risk of exposure or infection that my child(ren)/family/heirs/representatives and I may experience. I will not hold the staff, school or volunteers responsible, but rather will support Heritage's efforts to maintain safe, educational experiences for the duration of this project and beyond. (Please type your full name below). *
By typing my full name below: I understand that if I answered no or did not check one of the boxes, my students might not be able to participate in this production. (Please type your full name below). *
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