Proposal for ​Theme Customization
About Me
My name is Stefan Matei and I'm a web developer with 10 years of WordPress experience.
Project Overview
I will create a new WordPress website (or help you redesign your existing one) using a premium WordPress theme (for example, a Genesis theme).
How I Work
1. Research: Understanding your project.

2. Buying a theme: I help you decide what theme to buy.

3. Initial Content & Assets: You send me whatever text content you currently have for the website in DOC format and any images and graphics by email or via Dropbox.

4. Development (alpha): I work on a first round of development to get the website in a state where I can show it to you and get feedback.

5. Final Content & Assets: You send me any remaining content and assets.

6. Development (beta): I work on a final round of development, fixing bugs and implementing suggestions from previous feedback.

7. Website Tutorial: I create an admin user for you and send you a tutorial on how to add and modify the website.

8. Testing: The website is tested across various devices and browsers.

9. Taking the site live: The website is switched live.

Depending on the complexity of the website and how fast you can have the Final Content & Assets (step 5. above)​ ready to publish, a project can take anywhere from a couple of weeks to a couple of months. Turnarounds of 10 days or less are possible at a higher hourly rate.
The minimum project budget is $750​. This covers:
● WordPress setup and configuration
● Theme customization
● Home page layout and content
● Adding content on up to 5 pages, and uploading up to 10 images
If any additional features are added, that will affect the price and timeline.

If you don't already have them – we can start without, but you will also eventually need to purchase the following:
● A premium WordPress theme, unless building a WP theme from the ground up
● Hosting and a domain
● A logo (optional)

Next Steps
1. You answer a few questions related to the website (on the following page).

2. I will send you a detailed breakdown of the estimated price.

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