Proposed Changes to the AAPT ByLaws 2020 (for Public Comment)
The AAPT Board of Directors will be voting on the ByLaw amendments we mentioned at the 2020 Meeting of the Members. In order to amend the ByLaws, the proposed changes need to be announced to the Board four months before the vote and need to be announced to membership, for public comment, at least one month before the vote. Announcements were made to the Board at the January 2020 Board meeting. For more information on the process for Amendments to the ByLaws please see Article X of the ByLaws.

This notification serves as the announcement to AAPT membership. We invite you to comment on these amendments and request that all comments be received by July 1. All comments should be submitted on this form.

Summary of revisions:
Student members of AAPT did not have the privilege of voting. We have added the privilege to vote for student members in the ByLaws.

We have eliminated the “emeritus” membership title and the “sustaining” membership title and replaced them with “retired” and “partner,” respectively.

Allowing students to vote aligns with AAPT’s core values. Having both the “emeritus” and “retired” titles caused unnecessary confusion. The single title of “retired” will eliminate this confusion and better aligns with titles used by other professional organizations. The term “partners” better describes the current “sustaining membership” category.
Your Comments:
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