Infinity Miners Server Build Transfer Form
We are going to allow you to request to transfer 1 build which is up to 100 x 100 blocks into the new server.

Please only request completed builds or builds you are currently working on (no plain towers). If your build is larger than that please message Cosmic or me and we can try and work something out. But due to the amount of time and resources this takes please try and limit what you want to be transferred.

You will not be able to transfer any of the old items, chests, keys, decoration heads, named tools/armor, etc. And since this is a fresh start for Infinity Miners we wanted to avoid bringing in overpowered tools/gear/items into the world from the start.

Please do not intentionally request to transfer a build that is built with diamonds, iron, beacons, etc. in hopes to demolish it and sell it on the new server. We will be inspecting the requested transfers and if caught the build will not be transferred.

What will be transferred to the new server?

Along with one of your builds, all donor ranks and permissions will be transferred. However, some perks/features have been either changed, replaced, or been removed due to plugin restrictions.

If you want to bring over a build you have on the current server please be sure to mark out 4 signs (in a square) surrounding your build on each corner. This way I know what needs to be saved and copied over. You can also do this with 4 towers with signs on top of them for better view. Once you have the 4 signs marked out you can check the X, Y, Z coordinates of the sign by pressing F3. Please write out these coordinates on the form to make it easy to be located and copied.

When will my build be live on the new server and how can I pick a spot?

After we have reviewed your build, approved it, copied & saved it. Then it’s off to the next step! Getting it pasted on the new server. Once the server is live a staff member will reach out to you and ask If you have found a suitable location for your home. And once this is done we can paste it in for you.

What is going to happen with the old server, will I be able to access it?

The old Infinity Miners server is going to be online for a month after the new server launches but will be running with limited features and plugins to focus on performance for the new server. No new updates will be made to it and the server will have limited features so you can prepare your build to be transferred. After about a month we will take the old server offline so be sure to request your build transfer as soon as possible.

Read more about the server transfer here:

1 submission per player. Once your request is submitted please do not open a new one.
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