Volunteer Application Form (Be Good Project)
Looking to join the Banana App Team of the Be Good Project Foundation?
Whether you are a student, beginner, or seasoned vet, we are excited to have you as part of our team!
Our team offers a ton of recognition and appreciation (:

If you are willing to learn, share your experience and have fun, then SIGN UP NOW!

Form revised: 11/17/722
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If yes, please sign your initials. I confirm that this is a volunteer position with the Be Good Project Foundation (BGP) and I will not be financially compensated (including cash, bonds and stocks) and I am expected to adhere by BGP's ByLaws and Constitution, respect fellow volunteers and represent the organization the best way I can. *
If yes, please sign your initials. I confirm that I can commit at least 5 hours a week and will be participating weekly team sync (in person or virtually) and/or weekly developer meeting.(Developers Only) *
If yes, please sign your initials. I confirm that if my availability has changed and I cannot commit any more time at the time being, I will entrust the work I have started to a fellow team member to help the project. *
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