Daily Bible Reading Journal
God works through his Word. As we study God’s Word, we discover how God interacts with people just like us. We learn about God’s character and how he loved us enough to send his Son to die for us. We also learn about our purpose in life to be a blessing to others, as well as to bring glory and honor to our Heavenly Father in all we do. Throughout Scripture, there are lessons to be learned, examples to be followed, promises to be enjoyed and a God of grace to be cherished.

We are calling this a SOAP Journal - to help you capture these vital truths on a daily basis.

What is SOAP?

This is a 3-year daily Bible Reading Plan with selected daily readings (typically less than 1 chapter). SOAP is a tool we are introducing to encourage daily personal devotions. The SOAP acronym sets a pattern for reflecting on God’s Word and recording the important life lessons you will discover through your time in God’s Word. You are encouraged to journal as you journey through the Bible in order to catalog the blessings, promises and life lessons you’ve learned through your time in the Word.

Please fill out the following form so that we can keep track of how many daily Bible Reading Journal's we use as a congregation, and, so that we purchase the proper amount.

Some have asked, "How much is the journal?" Free! The Education Committee is purchasing the journals as part of their budget for the year. If you'd like to give a donation to offset some of the cost, feel free to drop an envelope in the offering plate or in the church office.

We pray your study of God's Word is a blessing to you and your family!
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