Open TinkerTime
We look forward to helping your with your project and seeing what you are working on. Our community is extremely important to us and we are excited to cheer you on and give you any assistance you need to complete your project. If you are not sure what to work on, please check out the kits available for purchase through our website or view our daily (Monday - Friday) Invitation to Tinker on Facebook. (Note: you do not need to have a Facebook account to view a public Facebook page.)

All members of TinkerSpace may join an open TinkerTime free of charge. In addition, purchasing a Take-Home TinkerKit gives you free access to Open TinkerTimes (one per kit purchased). If you are interested in a Virtual Open TinkerTime without purchasing a kit, you may join us for a minimum $5 donation. Indicate in the comments at the end of the form that this is the case and we will send you a donation link.
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Choose your requested Open TinkerTime. Clicking the day/time below will give you access to the NEXT available date at that day and time. Always check the date carefully. If a time slot has recently passed, be sure the new Zoom link has been posted (i.e. check to make sure the date listed is in the future). *
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