Emergency Planning Questionnaire
Is your business prepaired?
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Does your business/organization have a disaster recovery plan?
If so, how often do you test your plan?
What are your most important business functions and how quickly can you resume following a disaster?
1 Week
2 Weeks
3 Weeks
Reopen Doors
Contact Clients
Are you currently backing up your system and records?
Are your system backups easily accessible?
Does your location have backup power?
Have you established an alternative location where employees can work off site?
If so, does this location have backup power?
Do you have basic food, water, first aid and sanitary supplies on hand for yourself and staff?
Do you have supplies to operate the business manually (forms, pens, materials, etc.)?
Do you have current contact information for your employees, clients, suppliers, insurance company?
Do you have emergency contact information for each staff member?
Do you hold emergency preparedness workshops for your employees?
Do your employees know the emergency plan? (i.e. Fire, Flood, Earthquake)
Do any current staff members have emergency training (i.e. CPR, first aid, rapid damage assessment)?
Is your emergency contact information available to clients via website?
If you must evacuate, what critical business information or equiptment must be evacuated too?
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Do you have enough cash on hand to handle immediate needs?
Can you use internet banking services to monitor account activity, manage cash flow, and pay bills?
Do you have a plan in place to safeguard cash in the event resources such as banks cannot process transactions and security systems are not available?
Is your organization able to offer goods and services at a discount or for free to assist others in disaster recovery?
Would you be able to release staff to volunteer on recovery efforts?
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