Gnome Stew Guest Article Pitch
Pitch us your idea for a guest article! We pay guest authors the same per article rate staff gnomes get, which isn’t much, but we still say thank you. You do not have to be a published or professional writer. We are excited and delighted to help foster new talent in the industry. In addition, writing guest articles is a great way to becoming a regular contributor to Gnome Stew.
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Give us the basic gist of your article in under 500 words. Cover what it is about, how it is useful or interesting to readers, and why it merits an article being written. It’s a good idea to write your pitch with an idea of how it will appear on the website with headers and text broken up into short sections.
Do you have any examples of your work you would like us to look at? Blog posts, published or self published work?
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By submitting an article proposal, you grant Gnome Stew the unlimited, non-exclusive right to publish your article on in perpetuity. That means you can post or otherwise use your article elsewhere, but we can keep it posted here forever.
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We won't publish self-promotional stuff, we don't do reviews through guest articles, we don't do anything not tabletop rpg related games (i.e. video games, etc.). We will probably ignore the pitch if it's outright promotional or self-promotional.
Content we love *
Great ideas for running particular games, concepts you use when you game, talking about the state of the industry, stories from your games that help other gamers or Game Masters, articles from writers with diverse backgrounds or diverse perspectives, articles about making props, terrain, etc. articles from developers about creating games (that are interesting outside of the self-promotional aspect), things you could use in games (my 5 airship crew memberes you can steal), other ideas we haven't thought of yet...
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Let us know if you are interested in doing regular contributions to the site and we will make sure to consider you for it.
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