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This last section asks you to rank your topic preferences for our research today! Here is a description of the topics and what you might discover.
Music preferences: Duke students' musical preferences and listening habits

Social media: Duke students' use of social media and effects on wellbeing and/or most popular social media platforms

Sports and health: Duke students' types and frequencies of physical exercise and emotional care and/or favorite sports and sports teams

Food preferences: Duke students' eating habits, favorite foods, and dietary preferences

Reading, TV, movies: Duke students' favorite books/TV shows/movies and viewing or reading habits
Rank the following topics based on your preferences--please select one circle for each topic. "1" corresponds to the topic you would most like to work on and "5" corresponds to the topic you would least like to work on. *
Musical preferences
Social media
Sports and health
Food preferences
Reading, TV, movies
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