2019 Trail Patrol Signup
Thanks for your interest in the Whitefish Trail Patrol! Trail Patrol is open to hikers, runners, bikers, and equestrians. Whether you're out on the trail in one or several of these ways, we'd love your help in paroling the Whitefish Trail.

Trail Patrol training will be Wednesday May 1st at 6pm and a basic First Aid/CPR classes will be offered in late spring and early summer.

Trail Patrollers are required to go out on the Whitefish Trail twice a month and fill out a trail report, volunteer at various events on the trail (counts as a patrol) and of course, be an ambassador for the Trail!

Junior Trail Patrol is open for ages 12 and up! Junior Trail Patrollers under 18 must sign up with a parent or an adult who they will be going out with throughout the summer.

If you have any questions please contact Margosia at margosia@whitefishlegacy.org or 862-3880

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Have you done trail patrol (or former bike patrol) before?
We do not require First-aid and CPR certifications, but they are available to you and are encouraged. Both are good for two years.
What do you need to be re-certified in this year?
Do you have any other relevant certifications?
Can you make the mandatory patrol training on Wednesday May 1st at 6pm?
Do you still have your first aid kit or patrol plate from last year?
In order to help spread patrols out, choose the times of the week when you are most often available to go out on the trail. You'll be assigned to a patrol group for one of those times of the week (i.e. weekday mornings). It is okay if you do occasional patrols outside of that time of week, we're just trying to avoid everyone being out on Saturdays!
When are you available to ride? Check all that apply.
Is there another patroller you'd like to be in the same patrol group with?
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If you're a junior patroller, who is the parent or adult you are signing up with?
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Do you have a smartphone you're comfortable using to submit reports and photos?
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Thank you for signing up for Whitefish Trail patrol!
If you have any questions, please let us know at margosia@whitefishlegacy.org or 862-3880
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